Institute of Ethic Certification (ICEA) is the main certifying body of natural cosmetics (organic cosmetics, biocosmetics, ecocosmetics ) in Italy.
Italian Association of Organic Agriculture (AIAB) and the Institute of Ethic Certification (ICEA), together with a group of manufacturers, have developed leading principles for natural and organic cosmetics.
Cosmetics, meeting all the rigid requirements of certifying body, receives the status of «organic», and the package has a corresponding marking:

What does ICEA control?
All stages of cosmetics manufacturing annually undergo a rigid system of certification. A whole range of other requirements to organic products is being inspected:

• absence of artificial additives, technologies of genetic engineering during manufacturing;
• everything concerning exhaust, waste, energy sources, transport and sanitary-hygienic standards is rigidly regulated;
• production and storage are being carried out in accordance with rigid ecological rules;
• ICEA inspections (audit) are carried out several times a year, with a trip to the production location;

• a special order of documentation is being implemented; it allows to monitor all the chain from raw materials producer to end consumer; all documentation registering raw material receipt, its processing and shipment of ready products undergoes an obligatory inspection.

How are plants cultivated and processed for organic cosmetics?
Vegetable stock used in organic cosmetic products, has to:
• to be cultivated in controlled bio- farms;
• to be harvested under bio-control in locations of its natural growth;

Cultivation of ECO BIO cosmetics has to be carried out without:
• genetically modified seeds
• chemical fertilizers
• pesticides, fungicides, herbicides
• cultivation need to be carried out by eco-friendly harvesting machinery

Treatment and processing of raw materials has to be carried out without:
• chemical, synthetic preservatives
• synthesized dyes
• synthesized stabilizers
• harmful technologies: atomic product tests, chemical preservation, gassing of products in vacuum packaging, product processing with phenol, radiation exposure
• when testing raw materials animal testing is prohibited
• it is prohibited to use animal-originated raw materials which have been produced harming animals, e.g. animal collagen, animal elastin etc.
• synthesized fragrances
• using storage packaging containing PVC and other halogen-containing polymers

Please visit ICEA web site to verify the product’s certification.

Please visit ICEA web site to verify the extract’s or oil’s certification.