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Great Benefits of Natura Siberica Products

Natura Siberica
Used as a base to all Natura Siberica products, Siberian Cedar Pine Seed Oil is several times richer in Vitamin E than olive oil and has a higher concentration of Vitamin F than Cod Liver Oil. Siberian Cedar Oil helps to effectively smooth and nourish the skin, rejuvenate and regenerate hair and act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Can be found in: the whole Natura Siberica range.

Great Ingredient of Natura Siberica Products

Altai Sea Buckthorn
Considered as one of the best treatments for skin health as the Vitamin C present in the berry does not get destroyed even under thermal influence. This makes sea buckthorn fantastic for regenerating skin and hair, providing hydration and restoring skin structure.

Can be found in all products in the Siberica Oblepikha range.

Great Benefits of Natura Siberica Products

Limonik Nanai
Siberian plant with fruits that look like Cherries and is known for its natural healing abilities making it one of the most effective adaptogens on the planet. The fruit and seeds contain high contents of vitamin C and E making it extremely beneficial for strengthening hair, relieving skin irritation and improving the structure and appearance of skin and hair.

Great Benefits of Natura Siberica Products

Rhodiola Rosea
Rhodiola Rosea is a flowering plant found on costal edge cliffs and mountains of altitudes up to 2280 meters. This unique flower has a great rejuvenating effect, it stimulates the metabolic process, enhances the skin’s protective functions and nourishes and hydrates skin and hair.

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I loved the results and the lovely fragrance. My skin feels so much better!

Wang Aiping

It works! My skin looks younger and not tired when I use it, I can see the difference on my skin.


The product is good as described for my dry and very sensitive skin.