NS Snow Cladonia Day Cream 50ml

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Our Snow Cladonia Day Cream has been specially created for effective care of mature skin.
Snow Cladonia, which stays green even during severe Siberian winters, contains the unique usnin acid, which works absolute magic on skin by actively restoring its cells and effectively slowing down the aging process.

Natural Vitalayer gives your skin its smooth texture and elasticity by boosting the production of hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Anti-ageing SYN-AKE and SYN-COLL complexes regenerate skin cells and stimulate collagen synthesis, renewing the glowing appearance of youth.

Wild harvested Siberian ashberry extract and organic wheat oil beautifully soothe and heal the skin.

SPF-15 protects skin from dehydration because of harmful sun UV rays.

Day after day your skin becomes more radiant and looks visibly younger.

0% Silicones      0% BHT-BHA

0% Mineral Oils   0% PEG

0% Parabens     0% EDTA

NS Snow Cladonia Day Cream 50ml

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