Though it had a sluggish start, winter has well and truly hit us in Brisbane! The past few weeks have been quite chilly, and to make things worse, quite wet as well. There was crazy rain the other weekend that caused flash flooding – you’d think it was summer! Anyway, as always, with the colder weather comes drier skin! I did a similar post last year and still highly recommend those products. The products I’m featuring today are the ones I’m currently loving and are saving my drier, more dull skin!
Natura Siberica Oblepikha Mask for Dry and Normal hair*
Since I chopped off my hair, the ends are super healthy and I’m no longer in need of a bunch of intense conditioners, masks and oily to keep the split ends smooth. I also found the more nourishing shampoo and conditioner I was using was slightly weighing down my hair, so I switched to a more volumising/texturising shampoo and conditioner. Coupled with my hair being slightly drier due to the weather, I’ve found I need a little boost of moisture for the ends of my hair once or twice a week. I’ve been using this mask recently and it’s absolutely lovely! It has a very thick buttery consistency, but still manages to feel lightweight in my hair. It leaves my hair feeling very nourished and smooth! They also have one for severely damaged hair if you’re in need of something more intense!

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