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What Scents to Fight against Stress and Soothe your Mind?

Put to the test for a year now, our morale and our mind are starting to saturate: gloom, withdrawal into oneself, anxiety, irritability, feeling of depression … Isolation and the feeling of helplessness hamper our mental balance, sometimes with repercussions also on our physical state: sleep disorders, headaches, digestive problems, muscular pains… Acorelle perfumes use […]

What Scents to Regain Energy in Winter?

Winter is a season that puts our body to the test. Winter fatigue can be characterized by a general lack of energy, sleep disturbances, a feeling of exhaustion & depression. Indeed, it is a period during which our body defends itself against the cold and the various viruses, which has the consequence of weakening our organism. But then […]

Allergies To Sunscreens

How To Recognize A Skin Allergy? The symptoms of a skin allergy can be quite varied but in general we can observe: redness, irritation, tingling or burning sensations, small pimples, feelings of dryness or tightness . These symptoms can appear immediately after application of a product but also several days after or even years after. Indeed, allergies are […]


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