What Scents to Regain Energy in Winter?

Winter is a season that puts our body to the test. Winter fatigue can be characterized by a general lack of energy, sleep disturbances, a feeling of exhaustion & depression. Indeed, it is a period during which our body defends itself against the cold and the various viruses, which has the consequence of weakening our organism. But then how can we regain energy in this season? Acorelle perfumes use the benefits of essential oils to regulate emotions, soothe your mind and regain vitality. Discover without further delay our three organic fragrances with energizing and energizing virtues, to give you a boost at the end of winter.

Tendre Patchouli, A Fulfilling Fragrance With Sensual Notes

Tendre Patchouli Organic Eau de Parfum releases powerful earthy accords , softened by sparkling citrus fruits and enveloping flowers. At the top, sun-kissed fruits (Orange, Bergamot) provide a sparkling start. We quickly dive into a floral heart, which envelops and softens the woody and earthy notes . The base is sensual and comforting , with warm notes of Patchouli, Caramel and Vanilla.

A fragrance that improves self-confidence and self-confidence:

  • Cistus: Cistus essential oil has toning and stimulating properties for the body. It helps regulate insomnia and invites restful and soothing sleep.
  • Patchouli  : It is a neurotonic helping to regulate nervous and physical fatigue. It restores vitality to the body while soothing the anxiety and stress accumulated during the day.
  • Cedar : This oil has a calming and rebalancing action on the nervous system. It comforts and invites optimism.

Jardin Des Thes, An Energizing Fragrance With Floral And Herbaceous Notes

Invigorating and very creative, Jardin des Thés Eau de Parfum explores tea in all its facets. At the top, let yourself be surprised by a fresh and sparkling tea around citrus and aromatic notes. Then dive into a very vegetal heart, carried by wild flowers (Marjoram, Angelique, Hemp and Iris). For more hold, the base is worked with notes of dried and smoky wood, which will bring a trail and character to the fragrance. An intoxicating scent, both refreshing and energizing, to restore positivity despite the grayness.

A fragrance that brings alertness and positive energy:

  • Lemon : Invigorating and invigorating, essential oil is often recommended for olfaction to relieve periods of depression or gloom. A guaranteed boost!
  • Peppermint: Well known for its fresh and invigorating side, it calms the mind and helps to regain lucidity and concentration.
  • Galbanum : This oil contains energizing essences, which make you regain energy and restore optimism.

Under The Canopy, An Encouraging Fragrance With Spicy Notes

Under the Canopy Eau de Parfum is a mixed fragrance, both invigorating and energizing. Its dazzling start reveals a shower of citrus fruits, mixed with spicy notes (Ginger, Cloves, Baises roses). This invigorating opening gives way to a floral and enveloping heart , enhanced by powerful notes of wood and bark which will give character to this fragrance.

A fragrance that restores strength and courage:

  • Cedar  : This oil has a calming action on the nervous system but not only! It has many benefits such as comforting, balance or positivity.
  • Lemon  : Both cleansing and invigorating, Lemon is used to reduce stress and feelings of depression. It invites relaxation and deep relaxation.
  • Bergamot  : Wonder in diffusion, Bergamot soothes the spirits and brings relaxation and good humor.

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