Natura Siberica creates Australian Organic beauty products, which utilises unique ingredients sourced from unspoilt lands of Siberia. Natura Siberica is the first Certified Organic beauty brand based on wild harvested herbs and exclusive natural ingredients. It is a unique brand that I have always found completely fascinating! I have been using three of the best selling products recently and wanted to share with you my thoughts on each of them!


As anyone who has read my blog knows, I freakin love baths! So I was immediately excited by this product. The smell hit me first and it was a little different. It was a scent that took me a little while to get used to, but now I love it. It is fresh and leaves you feeling refreshed. Specially selected Siberian herbs tone and improve complexion and while I haven’t noticed too much of a change in my skin, I find that this bath foam is hydrating to the skin as well, I don’t get out of the bath feel like my skin is dry and scaly. The best part about this product? IT MAKES SO MANY BUBBLES! I love bubbles in baths, it makes baths so much better when there are lots of bubbles. You only need a small amount, no more than a tablespoon for a relaxing, fragrant bath with plenty of bubbles. 

I think what I enjoyed most about Natura Siberica, is that it was all really hydrating to the skin. For three products that are less than $20 each they feel luxurious and like they are worth more than they cost. I love the unique ingredients and concept Natura Siberica has employed in create their beauty products! I definitely want to try more from this brand, particularly from their hair or face range – especially face masks, my second love apart from bath products! I will definitely be investing in these in the future!

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